At Vision Technology Group, we use the latest technologies and our expertise to bring increased efficiency, faster processing, and improved infrastructure to your business.

Managed Services

Server and PC Monitoring and Management

Our team of experts proactively monitors and manages your network to provide you solutions before you know you need them. Our Remote Management and Monitoring includes:

  • Device Monitoring
  • Ticketing System
  • Anti-virus and Malware Protection
  • Asset Inventory
  • Monthly Reporting and Quarterly Business Reviews

Hardware Configuration

VTG specializes in configuring multiple types of hardware. From switches and firewalls, to PCs and MACs. Let us help you take the complexity out of difficult hardware configuration to keep your network secure and efficient.


VTG supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-v and Citrix to support all of your Virtualization needs. Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud VTG can design a solution to meet your business needs.

Help Desk Access & Onsite Support

We provide enterprise-class support that ensures a positive outcome and supports your business goals.Our Full-Service Help Desk includes:

  • Device Monitoring
  • Self Service Ticketing System
  • Antivirus and Malware Protection
  • Asset Inventory
  • Monthly Reporting and Quarterly Business Reviews
  • User Account Management
  • Server Maintenance
  • Microsoft Office & Email Maintenance
  • Application Update Support (with Vendor Support)
  • Incident Management (PC, Server Fix)

IT Support

VTG provides expert-level IT support for all of your company’s needs.

Cloud Services

VTG can provide a wide range of flexible, secure and efficient cloud services to companies looking to move their workloads to the cloud. When you partner with VTG, you gain access to the skills you need to develop a cloud implementation strategy. So, you’re not alone – we’re here to help!

Business Continuity, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Many businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss rarely recover. Let us help you make sure you’re protecting one of your most critical assets:your data.Let us help you implement a backup strategy to help you recover from any disaster. This will give you the peace of mind knowing you have done your due diligence to protect your data from loss.

Strategic Planning

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, VTG is here to help drive your initiatives to success. We work with you to understand the current state of your business, goals for the future, and just how to actualize those goals , without the costly risk of trial-by-error.
We deeply integrate into your organization to address all sides of your challenges—from application mapping engagements to custom IT solution roadmaps—and identify the best path to resolution and, most importantly, the realization of your strategic IT goals.

Remote Workers

Whether you are just needing access from home, or to support a large remote workforce, VTG can provide not only a remote desktop solution, but also a mobile VIOP system so you can connect to your office from anywhere. Don’t let physical space dictate the future of your business.

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Security Services


We help organizations comply with industry-specific, national and regional requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data. Protect your data while meeting compliance requirements whether it be GDPR, HIPPA, PCI and more.

Security Awareness Training

Over 91% of all attacks come from within. The biggest threat to any organization is the people behind your firewall. This is where VTG Armor comes in. With VTG Armor backed by the power of Knowbe4 we can train your employees through Phishing tests and videos on how to spot the intruders. This system has proven to be successful. You will be able to track its performance and see your company grow more secure every day.

Vulnerability Assessment

Whether you need help to determine the root cause of your challenges, uncover opportunities, or don’t even know where to start; our technology experts can provide you with an IT assessment that includes:

  • Identifying any current & potential systems issues
  • Documenting the systems & analyzing traffic patterns
  • Correlating data to provide insight into your systems & their performance

IT is a journey, and it starts with a network assessment.

Threat Protection

Applications are an entry point to an enterprise, and cyber-criminals are targeting them now more than ever. Traditional network security solutions can’t address many of the highly sophisticated attacks that are rampant today. VTG delivers application and data security services designed to thwart breach attempts and reduce your exposure should a breach happen.


VOIP and Remote Working

Bring the Power of VOIP into your environment with the flexibility for your people to either take their phones home or use softphone on their mobile devices. With VTG’s hosted VOIP system you aren’t bound by your laptop, you have the flexibility and mobility to work anywhere. In many instances this flexibility reduces your company’s bill.

Traditional Key and PBX Systems

VTG supports and installs traditional Key and PBX systems. For many customers the traditional phone system that supports the power of voicemail to email and other modern features is an excellent solution.

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