At Vision Technology Group, we use the latest technologies and our expertise to bring increased efficiency, faster processing, and improved infrastructure to your business. We offer Remote Network Monitoring, Data Recovery, Data Migration, Server Virtualization, Security, IP Voice, and Unified Communications solutions.

employee connecting network cables

Remote Network Monitoring

We utilize advanced monitoring software and technologies to see all the devices connected to a network so they can be proactively monitored. This allows us to respond to any issues or errors as soon as they occur, or even before.

Data Solutions

We offer solutions for data recovery, migration, backups, and contingency planning. These services allow your business to run without any interruptions or worry.


New viruses and malware are serious problems for every company in today’s connected world. We can protect your business by setting up firewalls, monitoring your network, and backing up data. This extends even after a virus has affected your business.


We offer server solutions such as server virtualization, setting up new servers, and setting up a backup solution so that your business can grow unimpeded by server issues.


We offer IP Voice and unified communications solutions to make sure you can communicate with your customers and employees when it is most important

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